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Internal IT vs Outsourced IT, the GOOD, the BAD #itservices - Ultimate IT
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Internal IT vs Outsourced IT, the GOOD, the BAD #itservices

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IT Service has become an integral part of every business in recent times, no matter what the size of your business is.

Time has made it inevitable to be a need, rather than just an option, for every organization so consider looking out for storage or cloud computing; whether you are an owner of a retail store or a bank that relies on network security. Yes, IT service has become indispensable for every business need. Hence, the need for an expert and strong IT support has become a necessity.

Now, whether you have your own internal IT or you outsource IT services, is a point of discussion. Considering all the aspects of your business and what perfectly suits your business needs, this decision must be made. It is solely your personal choice and it will depend heavily on what option will be more lucrative for your company. Having said that, there are certain generic points that you should know and pros and cons  are to be considered before you make your decision especially if it will involve your valuable resources.

Advantages of Internal IT

  • Accessible after official working hours – You have the advantage of having the access of your technicians even after their regular working hours, if the need arises without costing you extra.
  • Swift availability – Your problem will be attended and resolved quickly by the IT resource as they are available on-site.
  • Strong understandings – Your technicians will soon learn and develop a strong understanding of your business needs, your systems, and the way your staff uses it. This will help them and you, to get a quick fix to your technical problems.
  • Reliable access – Your infrastructure is in reliable and trusted hands if it has to be dealt with after working hours.

Disadvantages of Internal IT

  • Slow Service – One person or few persons from your internal IT team would take time to effectively fix multiple issues if they arise at the same time.
  • Over-expenditure – You will have to pay your IT staff the salary that has been fixed, regardless of how much IT related work you have done therefore, you end up overpaying more overhead than you should.
  • Maintenance cost – When you opt for internal IT services, you will have to shoulder all of the hardware, software, and maintenance costs and these costs will surely add up on your overhead.
  • Other costs – The supporting power, space required for the equipment and the space costs related in cooling up an internal hosting environment are all added into your organization’s accounts; which can be easily solved through hiring an expert external IT
  • Replacement problem – You always have to be prepared and have a replacement ready if any of your internal IT staff chooses to leave to fill in their position.
  • Limited expertise – The overall IT environment of your company is usually influenced by the internal IT person’s limited area of expertise or their prior knowledge. You have no advantage of access to the broad knowledge of the latest and best IT solutions and services.

Advantages of Outsourcing IT

  • Focus on growth – When you outsource your IT service requirements, it lets you concentrate more on running your business rather than the technology that supports it.
  • Access to all kinds of expertise – From basic help-desk service to level 3 system engineers, you have access to all levels of computing expertise with no extra cost, other than your monthly expense, while these IT experts are focused on advancing their knowledge.
  • A vast industry perspective – When you hire an outside team they have broad exposure to the many different technologies. All this exposure will help you as they can use this knowledge to offer consultation, planning, and other advices or recommend areas of improvement.
  • Better control – The systematic and standardized documentation and also the ticketing system help in better regulation of the various and different IT problems that the other staffs faces every day.
  • Cost-effective – You are not responsible for training and keeping your staff up-to-date with the latest technological knowledge. You have an adept and skilled IT team with all the required information and advice.
  • Diverse skills – Outsourcing IT, means you get certified experts who are highly experienced and have expertise in all areas of computing and networking. An IT company works with many different businesses at the same time hence, you can be rest assured that they have diverse exposure to different kinds of technology and have given solutions to myriad of problems.
  • Less risk – When you outsource your IT services, you can easily choose the best managed service provider that is right for you. You can rely completely on the outsourced company as they are experts in offering IT solutions. You can even switch to another company, if you are not happy with their services.
  • Easy on-site visitation – It often assumed that by hiring an outsourced IT service provider would mean difficulty on technicians’ availability. However, this is not always the case since Managed Service Provider’s part of service is on-site visit as you need them, depending on your agreement, they can also arrange after official working hours visit.

It really comes down to what best suits your organizational needs. By going through all the pros and cons, you need to choose the most cost-effective and efficient IT service resource to achieve your company’s goals on technological domain. A prudent decision on your part would be profitable and conducive to your business.

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